I'm Gagik, an Armenian CS student at Princeton University, striving to work on software systems for a better tomorrow.

This summer, I'm interning at MongoDB, working on its Realm backend-as-a-service cloud platform.


Here’s some of my work.

Old electronics with new tricks

I am currently converting an old Soviet radio into a smart speaker with custom software featuring music visualization, app control, and more.

Pranking thousands

In less than 5 hours, this fake ranking site got over 2500 Princeton students talking about it for weeks.

Hoagie, the digital experience club

I am helping create a space that fosters community-centered design and implementation.

From Soviet Armenian prints to a constructivist font.

I designed a display font taking inspiration from Henrik Mnatsakanyan, one of the pioneers of Soviet Armenian typography.

Improving transport with the internet of things.

Helped bring the powers of the web and data visualization to smart traffic light managment at a Tel-Aviv-based startup NoTraffic.

Community building at a virtual campus.

I developed a collaborative drawing canvas for everyone on campus to enjoy.


Software Engineering Intern · MongoDB Inc.

New York, NY, USA
jun - aug 2021

User Interface Design Intern · PeerPilot

Copenhagen, Denmark
feb - may 2020

Software Engineering Intern · NoTraffic

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
july - aug 2019


Martin A. Dale ‘53 Summer Award

Prestigious grant awarded to Princeton University sophomores to engage in a project of strong personal value and merit.
may 2020

Educational Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia in the IT Sphere

The Presidential awards for IT are given to the top students showing excellent achievements in their studies and research work.
summer 2016


I am always looking for new opportunities to grow. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to get in touch.

You can contact me through menope@awaygagik.co or LinkedIn.

Check out some of my code on Github! There's also my YouTube.